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A single moment of distraction, a sudden collision and you can say goodbye to your iPhone's screen.
That's life, and you don't have to worry too much about it: all portable devices, just because they are 'portable', have much more chance of falling and breaking, often due to a clumpsy fatality.
The good news is that in every iPhone model it is possible to replace the screen, and it is also possible to do it in just 30 minutes, if you live in Milan.
How could it be possible?
Read this page and you will know it!

Why does the iPhone glass break?

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Each iPhone model, up to iPhone 8 series and also including the XR family, is equipped with an active matrix display with trans-reflective LCD technology.
The models of the X and later series are equipped with an OLED technology display.
Regardless of the technology used, LCD or OLED, the very fragile display panel is always protected by a special protective glass, called Gorilla Glass.
Gorilla Glass is a particular glass, mainly a silicon-based alloy with aluminum inserts, which make the structure resistant but at the same time with good flexibility.
In the construction process, a Gorilla Glass panel is applied, by means of a special transparent optical glue, to the LCD or OLED panel, thus forming a cohesive structure.
The protection of the glass in Gorilla Glass is necessary to safeguard the display from bumps, scratches, dust, humidity and any other danger deriving from the external environment.

Unfortunately, like any other material present in nature, even the alloy of Gorilla Glass can break if stressed beyond the energy measure that it is able to absorb.
When the iPhone falls or suffers an impact, the kinetic energy moves on the surface of the phone exactly like the energy released by an earthquake: like a wave.
This energy wave spreads over the entire structure, causing the molecules of the telephone's materials to vibrate, just as earthquakes make buildings vibrate during an earthquake.
If the structures of the materials manage to accommodate this deformation and disperse the energy, they remain intact.
If, on the other hand, there is too much energy and the materials cannot effectively disperse it, the structure breaks down, since the energy must be released anyway.

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When an iPhone falls to the ground or receives a major impact, it therefore takes a lot of energy that flows through the entire phone; but the iPhone is not a solid and compact block of the same material, but is made up of many elements that, individually, react differently to energy stresses.
All iPhones have a central general support structure, called the body or frame: this can be built in aluminum, steel or metal alloy, and it serves precisely to support both the internal electronic components (logic board, cameras, battery, etc. ) and both the display.
The resistance to energy stresses of a metal such as steel is not comparable with that of a silicate such as Gorilla Glass, and the same comparison can be made between glass and aluminum.
It is therefore evident that, during a fall, the structure that undergoes the greatest energetic stress is almost always the protective glass, which in fact is statistically the first component that breaks.
The LCD or OLED panel is also very delicate: in this case too, the structure where the liquid crystals or the delicate LEDs are added is very fragile, and can break if very energetically stressed.

Glass or display?

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With the exception of a few models (iPhones up to the 3GS series), all iPhones are built with an industrial technique that assembles the display, digitizer and protective glass in a coherent structure.
The LCD or OLED panel is joined to the thin capacitive digitizing film, which in turn is glued - by means of a special transparent glue - to the protective glass.
The structure thus combined is called display assembly.
Other passive components of the phone (such as cameras, speakers, micro-handsets, buttons, etc.) can also be added to the display assembly, including a protection plate.

The factory bonding makes the three components (LCD / OLED, digitizer, protective glass) interconnected to each other: a generic damage to one affects the others, thus making the exchange of the entire display assembly mandatory.
When the glass of the iPhone is broken, therefore, unless the model is very dated, it is necessary to change the entire display.
Same thing when the LCD / OLED panel breaks: in this case, even in the presence of an intact glass, it is necessary to replace the entire display assembly.

Replace your iPhone screen now!

What if the iPhone no longer responds to commands?

iPhone, of any model, includes a digitizer with capacitive technology for digitizing the pointing signals of the screen.
This technology has many advantages compared to the resistive one, but it is much more delicate than the latter: a capacitive panel requires the emission of a (very low) constant voltage for the entire typable surface, which can never be interrupted.
The power supply and data exchange travel through a single flexible cable, connected directly to the logic board, and the functionality is controlled by a special control circuit.
During a collision or a fall, excess energy can ruin both the digitizer panel itself or, more rarely, also the delicate interconnection flex.

A display with a broken or malfunctioning digitizer is plain to see: the user experiences problems in successfully touching and activating small portions or large parts of the screen, which are therefore 'dead zones'.
Furthermore, damage to the digitizer can make digital controls go crazy, with parts of the screen that activate themselves even without digital contact, thus making it extremely difficult to use the iPhone.
Once damaged, a digitizer cannot be repaired and must therefore be replaced.
Also in this case, the replacement of the digitizer involves the replacement in bulk of the entire display assembly.

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The self-assessment of the iPhone after a fall

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We have seen that a generic modern display of a modern device with multitouch screen is made up of different components, in turn joined together to form a single block, which allows the visualization of the images and the tactile interaction of the user.
Following an accidental fall, and the energy that the iPhone takes with it, the various components that make up the display can be damaged; sometimes reversibly, many others irreversibly.
Many users, who obviously are not experts in electronics in general and mobile telephony in particular, often struggle to understand exactly the nature of the damage that their iPhone or iPad has suffered: often the nature of the problem is confused with other, and often again, erroneously, it is believed that the device is now irrecoverable and therefore to be disposed of.Replace your iPhone screen now!

To help less experienced users clarify after accidental damage that has compromised the functionality of the phone, there is a quick and synthetic check that can be done.
Below is a rundown of sample images which, together with short and easy questions, can help you understand the malfunction of the device, and appropriately warn service technicians.
It is really a quick test that you can do after every unfortunate fall of your iPhone, and it can be useful to estimate the damage caused.

1 - Is the iPhone glass broken in one or more places?

iPhone con vetro di protezione rotto
iPhone with damaged screen

It is the most common damage: broken protective glass.
The semi-crystalline structure of Gorilla Glass tends to break 'spider's web', starting from the original center of the energetic stress and then expanding exactly like a spider's web.
Even if the LCD / OLED panel is working, any damage to the protective glass always requires the replacement of the entire display assembly.

2 - Do you see vertical white lines on the iPhone display?

iPhone con contatti elettrici dell'LCD rotti
iPhone con contatti elettrici dell'LCD rotti

Translucent, whitish, vertical lines appearing along the entire length of the display indicate damage to the electrical contacts of the LCD or OLED.
It is irreparable damage, and even if the glass is intact, it is necessary to change the whole iPhone display assembly.

3 - Do you see vertical green lines on the display?

iPhone con contatti dell'LCD in corto-circuito
iPhone con contatti dell'LCD in corto-circuito

Vertical lines, intense and bright green that appear along the vertical axis of the phone often indicate irreparable damage to the electrical contact lines of the LCD or OLED.
In this case, even if there is an intact glass, the replacement of the entire display assembly panel is mandatory.

4 - Do dark spots appear on the display?

iPhone con zone dell'LCD rotte
iPhone con zone dell'LCD rotte

Dark spots on the display, of variable shape and size, indicate the irreparable breakage of the liquid crystals (if LCD display) or of the LED cells.
Once damaged, both the LCD and LED panels cannot be repaired, and replacement is necessary.

5 - Do flickering horizontal lines appear on the display?

iPhone con flex video o chip di controllo dell'LCD rotto
iPhone con flex video o chip di controllo dell'LCD rotto

Flickering horizontal lines on the screen can mean damage to the flex connecting the display to the logic board, or damage to the integrated control soldered on the flex itself.
It is an irreversible damage, which involves replacing the entire display assembly.

6 - Multi-colored lines appear across the entire surface of the display?

iPhone con cristalli LCD rotti
iPhone con cristalli LCD rotti

Multi-colored vertical lines, with dark spots with jagged edges, scattered throughout the display area, mean total breakage of the same.
It is a non-repairable damage, which involves replacing the entire display assembly block.

7 - Do semi-transparent white squares appear at the top of the screen?

iPhone con connettore LCD disconnesso
iPhone con connettore LCD disconnesso

Translucent squares that appear at the top, at the upper edge of the display (of variable number and size) can mean a partial disconnection of the flex cable of the LCD / OLED panel.
In this case, the damage can be recovered (if the connector is still intact): the technician will only need to dismantle the display and correctly reconnect the connector to the logic board.

8 - The screen no longer lights up?

iPhone con backlight non funzionante
iPhone con backlight non funzionante

Lack of backlight after a fall, but with a functioning display (albeit obscured) can mean two distinct things: the breakdown of the backlight of the LCD panel or the damage of the integrated control (or of any other micro-component) of the backlight .
It is damage that can only occur in LCD displays, and can be repairable or not.
If the damaged component is the backlight, the technician can replace the entire assembly display panel or (if he has the skills) only the backlight panel.
If the problem is instead in one of the active components of the logic board, the problems are quite different: in that case, it is the same repairability of the iPhone that is in doubt, and an accurate analysis under a microscope is necessary to ascertain the actual damage and the probability of success of a possible repair.

Is it possible to replace broken iPhone glass quickly?

Yes, it is possible.
Our iPhone glass quick change service in Milan has been specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who, finding themselves in an emergency, need to repair the phone as soon as possible.
Nowadays, in our smartphones we keep everything: emails, contacts, messages, photos, passwords, electronic documents of any kind.
Often, we also use the iPhone to control other devices, such as the home automation system of our home, or we even use it to store train or plane tickets, or even to pay for goods and services with Apple Pay.
The smartphone has therefore become a real digital hub, a handyman who greatly facilitates daily life, but which has the intrinsic defect of aggregating many services within itself that cannot be used without him.Replace your iPhone screen now!

For this reason, sudden damage that makes the phone unusable, such as a broken glass or display, can be a serious problem for many.
Thanks to our quick change service throughout Milan, you no longer have to wait for long service times: our technicians come directly to you, repairing your iPhone on site in just 30 minutes.
You will not lose any of your data and you can start using your iPhone immediately, with a new display of the highest top quality A+.
We are specialized and equipped to quickly replace any display of any iPhone model, even those with IP67 or IP 68 certification.

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We are operating throughout Milan, and we can replace any glass of any iPhone model in just 30 minutes.
Our technicians arrive in every municipality of Milan with both express and standard service, and cover the areas of:

We only mount new high-quality OEM / A + display assemblies, individually tested one by one.
Each display is scrupulously analyzed, with color test and brightness test, to ensure the perfect success of each repair.

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