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Apple iPhone is a truly fantastic device: in 2007, the year in which it was presented and marketed, with the legendary first model called by fans "iPhone EDGE", the frist Apple smartphone radically changed the world mobile phone market.
Before its large touch display, the cell phones of the time had small keyboards and little screens with very low color depths, and very low resolution.
At the time, web could not be explored without experiencing a perpetual state of frustration, the emails all looked like SMS, and watching movies in HD was something just out of this plan of reality.
The iPhone was therefore a real revolution, which changed all the production of world mobile telephony.
But as useful and wonderful as a modern electronic device can be, even the iPhone suffers from a defect common to all of them: it needs electricity to work.
Which must therefore be supplied by a battery.
Possibly, a light, powerful and stable battery.
One of the successes of the first iPhone was its powerful lithium-ion battery, which managed to deliver the power needed for that fantastic, innovative and historic device.

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Does your iPhone no longer turn on, and does it look permanently dead?
Can't you really see any signs of life even if you plug the connector in?
Does the iPhone t turn on, but as soon as you unplug the cable does it suddenly turn off?
Before throwing it, wait!
Perhaps, it is the battery that has reached its end, and it is totally exhausted!
Or it is the charging connector which no longer allows the battery charging!
We can perform a quick analysis of your iPhone in Milan and, where possible, restore its correct functioning!
And at the most convenient price!
Before declaring the death of your device, call us at 333.29.22.308.
We can quickly change the battery, or the charging connector, in just 10 minutes!

What type of battery does iPhone use?

The iPhone mounts, since its first model, an integrated lithium-ion battery (a lithium polymers, to be exact).
Lithium ion (Li-ion) and lithium polymer (Li-Poly) technologies have many advantages over the 'old' nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), or nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries ): they can store much more energy thanks to their very high density cells (only seven grams of a Li-ion battery can contain almost a mole of electrons!), they do not suffer from the memory effect, they can be charged at any time without worrying about the residual charge and, above all, lithium batteries offer a really high average life. Between 500 and 1000 charging cycles, generally speaking.

iPhone batteries
Some of the built-in batteries mounted on different iPhone models.
The first three iPhone models were equipped with Li-ion batteries.
Since iPhone 4, Apple has turned towards the denser and more performing Li-Poly (even 20% denser than Li-ion).

How long does the iPhone battery last?

Although of excellent quality and very powerful, thanks to lithium-ion technology, like any rechargeable batter, the iPhone battery does not last forever: although it can be charged for many times, eventually the materials that make up its cells, by force of being oxidized and de-oxidized, will end up oxidizing irreversibly.
Gradually, the cells of the battery won't accumulate more electrons, and won't have enough voltage to make them move.
Slowly, the phone will have less and less energy to draw on.
Eventually, the battery will no longer charge, and must necessarily be replaced.
This usually occurs after the first two years of battery use, which it meas a total of 800-1000 battery charging cycles.

However, it is always better to never consume all the battery cycles to the bone: it is always better to avoid replacing a lithium-ion battery just right before its death.
Manufacturers don't like to talk about it, but Li-ion and Li-Poly have the bad habit of tending to explode if the total voltage of the battery cells drops below a certain voltage.
This is not that common (the controller puts reasonably safe), but as they say: better safe than sorry.
Assuming constant use over time, a generic Li-poly battery of good quality and without conformity defects usually reaches 500 total cycles with still 70-80% of the original residual capacity.
This percentage quickly begins to drop after around 500 cycles, guaranteeing less and less energy performance to the battery.
In case of long periods of storage of the iPhone without voltage, the degradation of the battery is much higher.

Get your fast battery replacement now!

Is it true that the iPhone battery degrades progressively, even if it is little used?

Yes, it's true.
And this is common to all lithium polymer batteries, of any other electronic device.
Indeed, due to their construction technology, this kind of batteries gradually lose their original capacity, in a slow but irreversible process.
It is estimated that, in a year, a generic Li-poly battery will lose about 20% of the charge it had originally; this percentage of deterioration worsens if the accumulator remains unused.
There is no way to eliminate this side effect in lithium-ion technology, but regular use of the battery, with frequent charging, mitigates and slows down degradation.
This drawback makes all Li-poly batteries perishable spare parts.
Our lab, following the 'just in time' policy, always ensures batteries with minimum storage time.

Is it possible to regenerate a lithium polymer battery?

No, it's not possible.
And this applies to any type of batteries.
A rechargeable battery can be seen as an isolated system, which continuously exchanges energy with another system: for the second principle of thermodynamics, it is always the system with higher energy (the power source to which we connect our iPhone) to transfer energy on the battery, and never the other way around.
This exchange is irreversible, and every time it occurs, part of the potential energy is dispersed in a form that can no longer be used to produce work.
This phenomenon worsens over time, because like any other closed system, even a rechargeable battery tends to entropy.
It is not possible to prevent or reverse all this.

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Can iOS notify me when my iPhone battery needs replacing?

The iPhone battery may require technical assistance

From iOS 10.2 onwards, the iPhone Operating System is able to perform an automatic software check of the health of the battery, and can warn the user when it requires assistance.
If the message is displayed in Settings > Battery:
"iPhone battery may require technical assistance"
the phone should be brought to a service center as soon as possible for the necessary checks.
Like any software, the iPhone control software is not able to establish any damage to the accumulator or problems related to it, such as: internal short-circuits, damage to integrated circuits and so on.
That's why it's always good to have your phone checked by an experienced and specialized technician when iOS warns that the battery requires attention.

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Our solution to replace the iPhone battery

We replace the batteries of all iPhones produced so far on the market, at an extremely convenient price: starting from Euro 39.001 for any iPhone model.
And we provide you with a service totally equivalent to what Apple provides in its Apple Stores: the batteries that we mount, are products of the highest quality.
We replace batteries in Milan every day, at any time right to your home, and we do not keep you waiting.

1Prices may varyGet your fast battery replacement now!

How to notice when the iPhone battery is running low?

Replace your iPhone battery now! Call 333.22.29.308

Here is a general list of symptoms:

  • Your iPhone seems to recharge completely much faster than before, and reaches 100% in no time;
  • You see your phone's charge percentage drop in no time, even when you're not using it intensively;
  • The phone, near the battery, heats up much more than before;
  • The phone turns off suddenly, even with a considerable residual charge indicator;
  • You can barely finish a day at work with a charge (and often, one is not enough);
  • The speed and general responsiveness of iOS is much worse than in the past

If you find the symptoms mentioned above, most likely your battery is left with very few cells still active, and is about to die: in a short time, it will greet you definitively.
So it is better to run for time, replacing the battery before it completely ends its life.

Get your fast battery replacement now!

The difference between a worn and damaged iPhone battery

Most people ignore it, but there is a substantial difference between a damaged and a worn out battery.
The wear of the accumulators is physiological, and it is an inevitable process.
When the cells are all irreversibly oxidized, the battery will stop working.
Damage, however, is another story: it is an event not foreseen in the planning stage, which shares part of the symptoms of wear but whose origins are completely different.
A damaged lithium polymer battery usually shows the following symptoms:

  • The phone heats up enormously, much more than a worn battery;
  • The energy charge is unstable: it can last very long or very short, and regardless of the actual energy use of the iPhone;
  • In certain iPhone models (from iPhone 5 to iPhone 11), the protective glass begins to rise;
  • The phone, especially if with the display raised, begins to emit an acid and sweetish smell, near the battery

One or more of these symptoms generally indicate a damaged battery, in the vast majority of cases due to under or over voltage, even if there are cases of real mechanical damage (punctures and lacerations of the battery).
Such a situation is extremely dangerous, both for the telephone and for the physical safety of those who use it: lithium polymer accumulators become unstable, if damaged, with the risk of explosions and fires.

What is at risk with an exhausted iPhone battery?

Damaged battery of your iPhone? Call 333.22.29.308
An exploded Li-Poly battery in an iPhone 3GS

Generally speaking, the main risk is that the phone, sooner or later, will simply not be accessed anymore, because the battery will be completely oxidized, and will no longer even have a functioning cell to accumulate electrons.
This is usually the most common end of an iPhone exhausted battery: the battery will remain in place in your iPhone, but will make it unusable.

Damaged battery of your iPhone? Call 333.22.29.308
An iPhone 4 with a damaged battery

The lithium-ion batteries, like their subsequent lithium polymers, fortunately do not disperse the electrolyte like other battery models, but as mentioned above, they have a tendency to become unstable if the total voltage of the cells drops too low.
It is rare and it is good to underline it, but the battery could also explode, with the relative risks of this disaster.
It has happened several times, in different parts of the world, and always with Li-ion or Li-Poly.
However, this is a rare event.

The swelling effect in Li-Ion and Li-poly batteries

Is the battery in your iPhone 3G or 3GS swelling, and is it likely to damage your phone? Call 333.22.29.308
Un iPhone 3GS con una batteria ai polimeri di litio gonfia.
Tale batteria è pericolosa, sia per il dispositivo in sé che per la sicurezza dell'operatore, ed andrebbe sostituita il prima possibile

A side effect of lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, intrinsic in their construction technology, is the known 'swelling effect'.
This effect, as the name suggests, literally inflates the battery, making it increase in shape and volume, just as if it were a balloon.
Given that a Li-Ion or Li-poly does not have an external metal container, the swelling is uncontrolled: this can cause irreparable damage to the iPhone, which instead have well-defined internal spaces, where the battery must be housed.
The swelling effect of lithium batteries is essentially due to how they are charged and discharged: too high a current intensity, as well as a too fast discharge are usually the main ones responsible for the swelling, which makes it absolutely necessary to replace the battery.

The voltage of the cells that make up the battery is also fundamental: generally, voltages greater than 4.235V per cell, or voltage drops below 2.7V may be sufficient to inflate the accumulator irreparably.
Once inflated, there is no way to restore the original condition of the battery, which will then have to be disposed of and replaced.

What are the symptoms of a swollen and damaged iPhone battery?

The symptoms of a swollen battery are essentially mechanical: depending on the model of iPhone in your possession, the swelling will create inconsistencies in the appearance of the device.
In the iPhone5 and later, given that the battery is placed between the metal body and the screen, the swelling will be immediately evident: the display will begin to lift from the central bezel, curving (sometimes, breaking), and creating a more or less wide crack between it and the plastic body.
Given that the screen is above the swollen battery, the worst possible damage is breaking the display.
Often, this damage is unrecoverable.
If you remove the swollen battery and replace it with a brand new one, and if the screen has not undergone too high torque energy, you can recover the device, without replacing the screen itself.

Is your iPhone battery damaged? Call 333.22.29.308
Un iPhone 6 con batteria gravemente danneggiata e schermo rigonfio, prossimo alla rottura

We replace the iPhone battery very fast, right to your home

We provide a fast, professional and very secure iPhone battery replacement in Milan.
All our iPhone batteries are individually tested: we do not carry out random checks, but we test each battery one by one.
We provice a complete charge / discharge cycle for any brand new battery, and analyze the results using the appropriate software: only if the battery passes the test is the OK to be installed.
And if by chance an installed battery turns out to be failed, there is no problem: there is a 24-month warranty on every intervention performed (for private customers), for your maximum peace of mind.
Get your fast battery replacement now!

Does the exhausted iPhone battery slow the phone down?

Yes: from iOS 10.2 onwards, Apple has modified the Operating System, implementing a processor underclock function (lowering the operating frequency) in case of excessively worn out accumulator.
This was decided for both marketing and safety reasons: an exhausted lithium polymer battery - therefore, to a large extent irreversibly oxidized - can become unstable if damaged, and provides an unreliable, decidedly reduced energy supply.
This can be a problem for the processor, always used to working at the maximum possible speed: given that it is extremely dangerous to bring a Li-poly battery at zero voltage, since it can burst, the System turns off the phone before the battery runs out completely .

To minimize sudden shutdowns and extend battery life, iOS lowers the CPU frequency.
This causes a slowdown of the whole system, including applications.
To restore the original speed of the System-on-a-Chip mounted on the iPhone, it is therefore necessary to replace the exhausted battery with a new one.
From iOS 11.3 onwards and from iPhone 6 series onwards, it is possible to check if the device has entered performance management by following the path Settings> Battery> Battery Status.

Battery performance management in iOS
In the battery control panel, iOS can tell you the maximum remaining capacity of the battery and the status of the performance regulated by the software: in the case of activated energy saving, you can disable it manually.
The disabling, however, remains active until the phone turns off due to a sudden under-voltage: when this happens, upon restarting the performance management savings settings are activated again, forcing the user to disable them again manually.
This can be frustrating, especially in conjunction with frequent phone reboots due to worn battery.
Hardware intervention is the only definitive solution to permanently disable the slowdown of the iPhone with an underclocking mode activated: there are no optional software solutions.

What are the symptoms of slowed iOS in case of worn battery?

IOS slowed down with worn battery

In general, in case of worn battery and CPU and GPU underclocking, the user can experience these problems while using his iPhone:

  • Applications that start taking much longer than usual, or more than usual;
  • Lower speaker volume (even down to -3 dB);
  • Consistent lowering of the frame rate, of the graphic animations of iOS in general and also of some third-party applications;
  • Lowering the brightness of the graphic panel of the device, specifically the backlight panel;
  • Inability to update applications without first launching them;
  • Camera flash disabled;
  • Generalized system slowdowns

To resolve these problems, you need to replace the exhausted iPhone battery.
There are no other lasting and definitive software solutions or remedies.

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We provide a fast battery change service directly where you are in Milan.
The service is active in many areas of Milan, and it is really convenient and useful: we come, we change the battery of your iPhone directly on site, we perform all the control tests and we solve the problem in 10 minutes.
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A service that is our flagship, and statistically the most loved by our customers.
Because it is quick, cheap and very practical.
With our iPhone home battery change service, you won't have these problems: all you have to do is call 333.29.22.308, book your intervention and get comfortable.

The fastest on-site service in Milan!

Our technicians arrive in every part of Milan with both express and standard service, and cover the areas of:

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We change the battery of your iPhone in 10 minutes starting from 39.00 Euros!
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If you need to change your iPhone battery, use the form below: choose month, day and time, and specify the model of your iPhone through the convenient drop-down menu. We will reply within 24 hours to confirm your reservation.
We remind you that our fast battery change service is ... Really quick!
In fact, we replace the exhausted battery of your iPhone in 10 minutes, and always at the same advantageous price for all models: starting from € 39.00.
If you want the battery change at home, directly on site and without waiting, the cost is starting from only € 39.00 (VAT included) for each iPhone model.

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