Consumer protection

In order to protect the consumer and to fulfill the obligations of correctness and transparency, according to the current provisions of the law in force, Giorgio Fiorini would like to remind customers and / or visitors of the sites associated with the company as follows:

  1. Giorgio Fiorini offers an independent hardware repair and software assistance service, which provides services dedicated to private and corporate customers;
  2. Giorgio Fiorini is in no way connected to Apple Inc. and any of its associates and / or subsidiaries;
  3. For product repairs, Giorgio Fiorini uses OEM components, of class "A" or of equal quality, compatible with commercial grade equivalent to A +, regenerated or of any other nature, depending on the need for repair;
  4. Giorgio Fiorini disposes of the damaged and / or replaced parts of the devices being repaired autonomously and according to the current provisions of the law, paying particular attention to the safety of exhausted batteries as per Legislative Decree 188, dated 20 November 2008;
  5. Giorgio Fiorini provides, for each repair carried out with components supplied by the same and as per the provisions of the law contained in the Consumer Code, a limited warranty of its success of 24 months for private customers, and 12 months for VAT numbers.
    For repairs with components supplied by the customer, the warranty (as per the provisions of the law on the matter) is 12 months, with the obligation of the consumer to report any defects in the work within and no later than eight days from the repair.
    The good performance guarantee applies only in the event of manufacturing defects of the installed components, and damage caused by third parties, including improper use of the device, inexperience in use, bad or inadequate maintenance of the same and are excluded. , in general, any other defect not attributable to the optimal functionality of the installed components or the rule of repair.
    The guarantee of the correct functioning of the accumulators relates exclusively to their original factory production, and damage due to misuse by the user, accidental damage from over or under voltage, natural degradation of the same are excluded;
  6. Any images, brands, logos, logos present on the sites associated with Giorgio Fiorini belong to their respective owners, and are generally deposited and / or registered by them;
  7. Giorgio Fiorini is not part of the "Apple Store", "Apple Reseller" chain and, in general, of any official Apple Inc. laboratory and / or repair center, and does not have direct commercial relationships with the company that owns the Apple brand and related logos. / associated logos.
    Giorgio Fiorini, however, always ensures high quality of assistance service;
  8. Giorgio Fiorini does not provide assistance on devices still under warranty with the original production company;
  9. Giorgio Fiorini would like to clarify that any guarantees in place with the original production company or the device dealer may lapse as a result of the laboratory's interventions;
  10. Each intervention reported in the official price list is subject to laboratory analysis, which will determine its real feasibility;
  11. Giorgio Fiorini does not accept in repair devices with blocked baseband or with iCloud block, nor even devices of dubious or illegal origin. Before each repair, the customer is obliged to self-certify, by means of a pre-printed form, the lawful and legal origin of the device in his possession;
  12. The "Apple emergency service" and "SOS iPhone" services for Apple brand devices and with an intervention time of 30 minutes, with pick-up and delivery (same day) or direct intervention on site are at the discretion of the laboratory, in accordance with the workload at the time of the request. On-site intervention times are estimated, and can vary considerably depending on urban traffic and the time of day when assistance is requested.

Limited warranty

General conditions of use

  1. The laboratory's limited warranty applies only to machined parts that have manufacturing defects;
  2. The limited warranty is valid for 24 months (twenty four) from the date shown in the warranty sheet issued after the receipt of the service.
    For customers with VAT number, the guarantee is valid for 12 (twelve) months.
    The aforementioned guarantee times are drawn up in compliance with the Consumer Code (articles 128 et seq.);
  3. The limited warranty is only possible at the laboratory site;
  4. Not included in the limited warranty:
    - Impact damage;
    - Damage caused by incorrect electrical recharging;
    - Liquid damage;
    - General neglect of the device;
  5. The overall duration of the accumulators installed by the laboratory is directly proportional to the energy consumption that a user makes of them: therefore the duration can vary considerably from use to use, without necessarily having a manufacturing defect of the given accumulator;
  6. The limited warranty expires immediately if the device is worked by third parties;
  7. The tax receipt / invoice issued at the time of the receipt, together with the guarantee sheet, are mandatory documents to access the laboratory's limited warranty services;
  8. The days of collection of the devices under warranty are Monday and Tuesday, from 12.30 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 17.30;
  9. To request a warranty claim, access the address:


    And fill in the appropriate electronic form;
  10. The processing times of the devices left under warranty cannot be estimated a priori: the laboratory still tries to serve the processes always in the shortest possible time;
  11. Devices beyond the limited warranty coverage time cannot be taken under warranty;
  12. Acceptance or otherwise of the warranty is at the discretion of the laboratory